About Us

[Enter your own text here. Mission and vision statements are good. Or you can write a paragraph or two about your history, what inspired you to open your business: Perhaps close ties with an elderly family member when you were young. Or seeing what was wrong about the elder care system and wanting to offer an alternative…

“About Us” is your credibility page. It usually talks about you and your company. It emphasizes your credentials, awards, professional contacts. It is the only page where you can unabashedly toot your own horn.

“About Us” differs from “Our Services” in that the latter talks about what the client/family experience working with you.

There is a saying in marketing relating to a grass seed company:

“Don’t tell me about your grass seed, tell me about my lawn.”

The “Our Services” page is your client’s lawn. “About Us” is the page about your grass seed.]

Our Founder

[Care Management Company Name] was founded by ****

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Our History

[Care Management Company Name] came about because …

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Professional Memberships

AgingLifeCare_Member_Logo_TMWe pride ourselves in our commitment to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of senior services and aging research. To this end, our Aging Life Care Managers are members of the following professional organizations:


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